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October 2022

The Secret to Building Inclusive Corporate Culture: Worker Voice

Join a movement of people who want to find new ways to encourage frontline workers to speak up and engage on issues that matter to them.

In session 1, you will learn about what it looks like when worker voices are invited, amplified, or engaged, why it’s critical to act now, and explore some models that have been tested with a panel of experts.

In session 2, you will hear directly from our co-chair Sana Manjeshwar, Global Ombuds Manager at Chevron, on a model of engaging worker voices that she's piloted in their corporation; challenges she's faced along the way; and her suggestions for fellow and future changemakers. 

You will walk away from these free sessions with new insights on engaging frontline voices in the workplace, ideas about existing models, and a deeper understanding of the opportunities and challenges of amplifying frontline worker voices in the workplace.


JFF Action Collaboratives offer you and other members of our corporate community an opportunity to come together to learn, engage, share, and take action. For questions, please contact JFF’s Corporate Leadership Team,